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spicedSnow's Lair
a dork with grammar issues and minimum time for herself
Happy Birthday Genshiken DLSU-D!!! 
23rd-Oct-2008 10:28 pm
Two years of anime joy. Two years of learning new skills. Two years of sharing knowledge about manga and anime updates. More importantly, two years of bonding moments, laughter, and memories. Who would have thought that an organization this grand came from a simple group of people sharing same love for anime?

Today, October 26, 2007, we're celebrating the second year of Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyukai or The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture, simply known as 'Genshiken DLSU-D'. For those who doesn't know the origin of it's name, it came from an actual anime with the same name, showing a college club for anime otaku, or extremely devoted fans of anime media and it's culture, and the lifestyle its members pursue. It clearly shows the conflicts that an otaku experience in their everyday lives. The pressure, discrimination, family problems and such are exactly what every other otaku experience. And with this, Lasallians who believe that Religio, Mores, and Cultura live in Art organized an organization wherein it aims to promulgate Anime, Manga, and Comics as a modern vehicle for Art and Culture, and believed that these can be of very good use as instruments to channel every Lasallian's talent and love for Arts and Craft.

But hey, wait! If that's the case, who are these people behind the creation of Genshiken DLSU-D? In October 26, 2006, a group of second year Computer Science students submitted the form for creation of an organization. Ielee Tesorio, the founder president, with Joyce Cirineo, the founder vice-president, took their time and efforts to enhance the knowledge of other La Sallian Otakus by promoting their organization through costume play or what we call cosplay. This, then, is the beginning of a group of people gathering in front of JFH building, or what they dub as "kubo desu". They usually organize to go to conventions, held competitions, skills enhancement activities and a lot more!

For closing remarks, as what have the former President of Genshiken DLSU-D had said, "The very essential goal of Genshiken lies in its dream to be one of the De La Salle University's pools of talents, where students will be given the chance to hone their talents, love their craft, relieve their pressures thru recreation, and create bonding to other Lasallians who have the same interests and love for Anime, Manga, and Art". Viva la GENSHIKEN!!!

Side Note: Genshiken DLSU-D is an organization in De La Salle University - Dasmariñas Cavite Philippines. The said organization is dedicated to enhance every member's skills in the field of drawing, writing, performing and cosplaying in connection to Anime, Manga, Art and Culture.

- This is an online article. If you want to know more, please visit our website >>link
You may find me as Miharu-chan in the said website.

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