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spicedSnow's Lair
a dork with grammar issues and minimum time for herself
UPDATE 100426 
27th-Apr-2010 07:14 pm
Okay, first of all... I FAIL... Not with academics though... I fail because I promised myself that I'll go be active here yet what happened? I find myself one day being a lazy ass that I am... \\(*A*)// Tell me what's going on?!

Next, I'll be updating fics that I've been writing since I've gone over the GREAT HIATUS DAYS... Yeah, I've got it for hmmm... A year? Yeah... A Year it is... TwT I feel so ashamed of myself... GEEZ...

By tomorrow, or maybe when job allows me to, I'll be starting to post them... Ahhh... What pain I'm going through...

Does anyone here got Twitter? I have one with the same username~
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