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spicedSnow's Lair
a dork with grammar issues and minimum time for herself
[G] Only One (Super Juniors FF) 
22nd-Apr-2010 06:03 pm
Fanfiction Information
TITLE: Only Love
AUTHOR: spicedSnow
DATE PUBLISHED: April 15, 2010
CHARACTERS: Yesung, Leeteuk

Disclaimer: I don't own the Super Juniors. But I wish I did (to make them do things I always think about... hoho). I am not in any process of making money out of this. XD But then I own the plot.

Note: This is done as a birthday gift to my fellow Filipino ELF, Cathie unnie~ *waves*. She likes YeTeuk, so, yeah... Ehehe...


"He's the only one who smiles at me when I did something wrong..."

"He's the only one who understands how my mind works..."

"He's the only one who laughs heartily in every joke I tell..."

"He's the only one who can calm me down during the times I feel stage fright..."

"He's the only one who enjoys talking to me in spite the fact that most of the members thinks I'm too weird..."

"He's the only one who can tell whether I'm anxious or angry..."

"He's the only one who said he likes my forehead and Jeju Island birthmark..."

"He's the only one who said my hands are cute and holds them quite often..."

"He's the only one who can dare me into a staring challenge and ends up saying my eyes are too sexy to be stared at..."

"He's the only one who says my voice is sexy and innocent at the same time..."

"He's the only one who stays up all night just to take care of me..."

"He's the only one who makes me stay up all night thinking over some stupid stuff he said..."

"He's the only one who calls my name 'Yesung' or 'Joongwoon' affectionately..."

"He's the only one who can make me blush just by touching his fingertips with mine..."

"He's the only one who makes my heart flutter everytime he hugs me..."

"He's the only one whom I know who needs me..."

"He's the only one that made me feel this way..."

"And now, he's with someone else... My hyung... My eternal love... Park Jungsu"


Argh! I fail! I know! This thing somehow lacks something I can't put my finger on... TwT

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