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spicedSnow's Lair
a dork with grammar issues and minimum time for herself
August 11th, 2010 

New fanfiction from me~ kekeke... This is Miharu~ Sorry if the title and even the fic itself is a bit crappy~ Submitted for a short-story competition in our department college. And, I won there? XD Kekeke... Onward to the fic~

I feel my body being lifted up as I hear police sirens blaring loud next to my ears. Blue, red, blue, red, the alternating colors of the siren bathe my closed eyelids with light. Did they found out? Have they? How? When? I tried to open my eyes but I can’t. It was as if lead was intentionally injected in them. Up and up, my body moved like a feather floating in the air.

            “I’m here to collect your soul,” and there, my eyelids flew open as I gaped at the entity beside me. It was like a pure concentration of light rays at one point, illuminating the positing it was in, and it has a child-like voice, too cheerful to my liking.

            “C-Collect my s-s-so-soul?”


            “But… I-I’m not y-yet dead!”

            “Yes you are,” the entity’s voice had seemed to smile at me and I felt uneasy. My eyes scanned and stopped upon my feet. Instead of my sturdy pair of lower limbs, my body seems to dissipate and I could see people down below. Down below?  Down below?! My eyes blinked rapidly and darted from left to right. I could see myself there! Hey! Wait! I willed myself to move towards the crowd of people surrounding my earthly container. It was quite hard but I managed to float towards them.

            “Oh come on! We don’t have much time~” there was a grip on my left wrist and we started to defy the laws of gravity. Up beyond the clouds, a hundred billion light years away from the land I was walking upon just minutes ago, there was a guy garbed in crisp white polo and cream slacks with silver-rimmed spectacles and thick big black book in his hands. And right there, I believed that this guy standing in front of me is the guard of the Gates of Heaven.

            “Name,” his monotonous voice rang out as he opened his book and tapped his left foot impatiently.

            “Aiden Lee, sir,” there was a rapid flipping of pages and I nervously gulped as I felt his heavy stare on me.


            “Yes sir?” the entity that guided me in this place floated beside the guy obediently.

            “Charlie, I think you made a mistake. This guy is a murderer according to my book. There is absolutely no way that I’ll open the Heaven’s gates to the likes of him”.

            “But Boss Peter, I doubled checked my list for today and he was there. He’s even listed in the priority list sir, look,” the entity called Charlie showed something that resembled to a notebook to the guy named Peter. His left eyebrow quirked in confusion, but nevertheless nodded forlornly.

            “Well then, we just have to make sure that he is fit to enter,” something shot pass through the center of my forehead, just in between of my eyebrows. As pain blossomed to the same spot, my memories started to play in front of me, like a film played in cinemas.


            ‘The heart’s rhythm fuels the complexities of the human passion’.

            ‘It will beat two and a half billion times over a lifetime, pumping nearly fifty million gallons of blood’.

            ‘The sound of a heart beat is an affirmation of life, a sign that every part of our body is being supplied with fresh blood providing energy, health, and vitality’.

            ‘Blood is the river of life’.

            ‘The heart’s very existence is the pulse of life’.

            “Aiden, honey! Dinner time!” my mom’s voice called out to me. I immediately shut off the television and ran towards the kitchen. Maybe she cooked one of her specialties this time.


            “Mom… Mom… I’m home, where are you? Mom… Mom?!” tears welled up; there in front of my eyes was the lifeless body of my beloved woman.  The woman who gave birth to me. The woman who cared to me more than her own life. The woman who taught me so many things yet could not answer some of my questions and would laugh heartedly at me. The woman who patiently waited and loved me unconditionally. And that woman is now in front of me, her corpse smothered in blood and her chest in deeper shade of red. No… No… This can’t be…

            ‘Blood is the river of life…’

            “Maybe… M-maybe… I-if I gather t-this,” I dashed to our kitchen and slipped on my way back, “i-if I g-gather them all, mom w-will be b-back!” I scooped the puddle of crimson red liquid using a spoon and a cup. Little by little, the cup filled and soon, I slowly poured the blood back to her wound. I repeated the process as tears cascade upon my cheeks. Please don’t leave me mom… I need you… Again and again, in desperate need and frustration, I screamed on top of my lungs. Why wouldn’t it work? Why?!

            ‘The sound of a heart beat is an affirmation of life, a sign that every part of our body is being supplied with fresh blood providing energy, health, and vitality…’

            “A h-he-heart beat!” down on my knees, I pressed my right ear to her chest. No heart beat… How can I make her heart pump blood again?! I shook her body. No… I called out her name. No… I scooped her blood again. Still a no. How?! My own heart was ridden with anxiety as my eyes squint in concentration.

            ‘The heart’s very existence is the pulse of life…’

            My eyes widened. Why haven’t I thought of it before?! I ran outside our house with a kitchen knife at hand. Adrenaline pulsating along my veins, my palms sweating and my vision blurring in excitement, I approached my very first choice of victim.

            “I’m sorry Fluffy. This is for mom. To save my mom,” I whispered to the sleeping form of my white Labrador retriever and plunged the knife with all my might. Warm, metallic, and thick, that’s what I sensed as the blood of my beloved Fluffy sprayed on me, straight on my face. Carefully as U could, I extracted Fluffy’s heart out of her prone body and I dashed back inside the house. I dropped Fluffy’s heart directly above my mom’s wound and waited for her to wake up. Suddenly, I felt my eyes drooping and sleep consumed my overworked child body. An hour passed according to our wall clock until I woke up in a shrill noise above me.

            “Auntie?” I croaked out. She started to dial frantically on her phone, saying some gibberish things while pacing back and forth, screaming profanities every now and then. I glanced down to my mom and I cried once more. Police came and picked me away from my position. I thrashed around, punched, screamed, and cried blood and tears but they wouldn’t listen to this child’s voice. They wouldn’t understand that my mom needs me. She needs me to revive her to life. My mom needs me! Let me go!


            “No… N-no… P-please d-don’t… I’ll s-stop! I promise! I will stop! P-please…” I grinned underneath the face mask I was adorned in as I leisurely let myself shower from the man’s elixir of life. This metallic liquid, in which I was so addicted with ever since that day, was warm. It was very comforting as droplets of the crimson liquid would accidentally land on my face and I would sometimes wipe and lick it clean. The urge to reminisce the past was there and I welcomed it with both arms.

            ‘The heart’s very existence is the pulse of life…’

            After that incident, I started to have a craving to kill. Stating from dogs to rats, cats, and monkeys. Then finally, humans. I use a variety of weapons to kill but I use my surgical knife most of the time. It was the kind that you’d get from hospitals. The cuts I do with it were perfect and clean. At first, I ask, why do I kill? Then that was answered during my fifth time of killing humans. It was the feeling I get from my nightly activities. The rush I get from my killings can’t even compare to the effects of opium and marijuana combined.

            “This heart will be going to the kid down the street,” I opened my bag and took out my mini-cooler. I quickly stuffed the covered heart inside it as my eyes scanned the area for witnesses. Yes, I kill. But now, I kill for a purpose. I promised myself that. A promise to kill and save another. I changed out of my blood-drenched clothes into a casual white tee and jeans. Tonight, I will be the angel of death to those people who deserves to die. And tonight, I will be the angel of salvation as I have been in the past nights.


I watch my clothes from the previous night burn as I read the local newspapers. The Heart Killer Strikes Again! A Kid saved by the Heart Killer. Local Rapist Killed by the Heart Killer. I’m not rich but I can afford my basic needs and some luxuries. There is also a stock of mini-coolers of different brands for my nightly escapades. I’m too careful of my actions. I can’t be caught red-handed, literally. There are still a lot of people who needs to be saved and punished. The world still needs me…


            “Mr. Aiden Lee?”

            “Yes?” I perked up from my seat and my secretary, Joan, entered the office.

            “These are the papers you requested from the hospital sir,” Joan handed me the papers and I quickly signed them, “sir, I’ve got a question”.

            “Sure, go on”.

            “Why do you want this thing sir? I mean, not being revived or resuscitated when you had an accident?” I smiled knowingly.

            “To save lives up to my last breathe my dear. To save lives…”


            Another night of killing spree, I’ve got to kill three people tonight. I have a swindler, a corrupt politician, and a kidnapper. I’m down to the last kill for tonight, the politician. Whistling happily as my bloodlust quenched for at least three months.

            “There he is!” somebody shouted and I sprinted down the alley. Right, left, left, and then left. I exited the alley for the main road. I smiled, escaping success. As my eyes trained back in front of me, I saw a blind young girl with a stick trying to cross over the road. She was about to get pass but a rushing police car was making it’s way to her. In an instant, I shot out my arms and pushed her out of the way, my body colliding with the metal hood of the car. Dazed, I turned to the general direction of the blind girl and heaved a relieved sigh, she’s alive. My vision dimmed. And before I knew it, I was out, cold.


            “You are a great man Mr. Aiden Lee. A great man in your own twisted way,” Peter, after helping me up on my feet, opened the doors for me, “I guess that’s why you were allowed to come here. Welcome to Heaven Mr. Serial Killer”.

            “Thank you Mr. Gate Keeper”.



By the way, I came from biology department. ^w^ I hope you enjoyed my fic... See you next time~

If you could choose the manner in which you would ultimately die, would you? How would you want to depart this world?

I would probably choose the one that would make me die instantly. Like a gunshot through my brain or heart. I don't want to feel pain, that's all.
Do you usually remember your dreams at night? Do you analyze and/or record your dreams in your journal? Are there any recurring themes?

I do! OMG! I usually write them in a notebook then ponder about it for a week or so... >_<
There were instances that it comes true(most of the time)... Or there are continuations of those dreams in real life... >_<
Which alias or code name would you be known by if you were a secret agent?

It would be... Miharu~ Kekeke... I love my Japanese name so much~
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